Ben Maile

Ben Maile is an internationally known artist whose work features in many significant collections, including those of the British Royal family and major international corporations, in both commerce and industry.

Ben Maile has exhibited worldwide from Alaska to Australia.
In America he has been the only British artist ever to win the prestigious annual commission from the West Point Military Academy. His very first West Point print ’The Long Gray Line’ has become the most sought after of all time among the collectors of American militaria.

Among his Limited Editions published in Europe, ‘The Thin Red Line’, ‘The Salute Palace Venice’, and ‘The Queen’s Men’ are the scarce ones keen collectors search for.

Ben Maile now lives in Ireland his penchant for historic epics has seen a collection of work depicting the Battle of Aughrim receive public and television acclaim, and the Army College at the Curragh commissioned a massive canvas:- ‘The Irish Soldier Through The Ages’ which now graces the walls of their VIP lounge.


Once again the Ben Maile name has been wrongly used with an advertised sale on the 'Ebay' channel.

A very poor attempted copy of my style or technique with a very good copy of my signature. Supposed to have been painted in the 70's. I state categorically, this is NOT my work! Either the party advertising have little if any knowledge of my painting history or they need to know it is falsely presented.

It is also reported to be canvas mounted on board. I have painted on board and I have painted on canvas- but, I have NEVER mounted canvas upon board. PLEASE- Contact me before you buy any Ben Maile work on ebay!

Ben Maile's gallery contains 29 photos.

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